Recent what we did for clients

Handling Option Process

For Restaurant A, handling options within menu orders was a significant concern. This was because orders containing side dishes, such as rice, required a different handling process. While the main dish was prepared in the kitchen, the side dish needed to be checked separately by the serving staff and provided to the customer. To address this, a menu solution was provided that differentiated the order processing methods for main dishes and options. This allowed for precise management by both the kitchen and serving staff.



For Restaurant B, to prevent eat-and-run and enhance efficiency in the order processing process, a prepaid system solution was introduced. This involved implementing a prepayment process to prevent dine-and-dash and streamline operations. Furthermore, to allow for flexibility based on the store's operational style when making prepaid transactions, both Mobile Payment and in-store payment options were provided.


Simple Receipt

While this feature was initially developed in response to concerns raised by Restaurant C, it proved to be a versatile solution applicable to inconveniences faced by all types of establishments. BoB-Order was utilizing email addresses to send receipts via email; however, an additional feature was introduced to allow customers to conveniently download receipts to their mobile phones through QR codes.


Pre Order

For Restaurant D, they desired a system where orders could be placed only on specific days of the week, and pickups could be scheduled exclusively on certain weekdays. Consequently, a model was developed to facilitate the management of orders and pickups on a predefined schedule.