BOB ORDER Services

Web have 4 types service. You can choose one for your restaurant.


1. QO Type(QR Order & POS)

QO Type is
  • A System for Businesses Wanting to Reduce Order Taking Time from Customers and Allocate it to More Valuable Tasks
  • Available Payment Method : Pre-Payment, Post-Payment, Mobile-Payment


2.SA Type(Satandalone POS)

SA Type is
  • A System for Businesses Prioritizing Customer Relationships Through Direct Order Taking
  • Available Payment Method : Pre-Payment, Post-Payment


3. PO Type(Pre Order)

  • A System for Pre-Ordering and Pick-Up Upon Completion of Cooking
  • A System for Allowing Customers to Place Orders Without Visiting the Store
  • Available Payment Method : Post-Payment

4. Customizing

  • Have you been unable to find the desired features? We can make specific feature for you.